Why go on a women-only trip? Here are a few very good reasons…

There is nothing wrong with travelling solo as a female, and in fact, it is good for the soul, your sense of adventure and opening your mind. But if you want the hassle taken out of travel (when you travel independently, you spend a lot of time each day just planning your next day), then going with the right group is a great option. Especially with Venus Adventures. We know what you want – you want to feel like you are experiencing a place and not just looking out the bus window! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here are some compelling reasons to go on a trip with us:

• Travel with like-minded women: it’s like travelling with friends! Venus Adventures specialises in women-only holidays and travel.

• We take you to amazing and exotic places which you might not visit on your own. You can enjoy these places in thecomfort and safety of a group. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

• Time for some fun! Some trips are more cultural, some are more adventurous, all of them are fun.

• We do things women like to do: from cooking classes, to drinking tea and chatting with the locals, to trawling the markets for exotic treasures, to enjoying gin and tonics as the sun sets over the desert! And you can shop whenever you like 🙂














• Meet the locals: We make sure you have interaction with the local peoples to really get to know them and how they live. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

• RELAX you are on holiday! Venus Adventures trips are all-inclusive, so no need to worry about money on the trip (… except when you might go mad shopping). In fact there is nothing to worry about at all, because we take care of all the details.


-Take on a new challenge: If there is a great little adventure to be had, we do it – but we only do things that are fun and worthwhile and add to your experience. This might be a scenic hike in the mountains, or a camel ride into the desert, or even a fun raft trip.












• Enjoy: We sample the local food, we stay in clean, comfortable accommodation (twin-share basis, but single supplement available on request). • Travel in a small group: for a more authentic experience. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA • Help out: In certain destinations we “give back” to support communities, schools or hospitals by donating clothes, school books etc. Always a rewarding experience.

• Respect: We adhere to a responsible tourism code, respecting the people and environments we travel in.

• Make new friends: When traveling with other women, you won’t ever feel lonely, confronted, or excluded – it is an encouraging and supportive environment, where you can let your hair down.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA -Let’s face it, the clock is ticking! If you can’t organise yourself to get out the door and go travelling, let someone else do it for you!

-Without guys around you can relax more – and not be intimidated by the way you look or dress and usually have a hell of a lot more fun and laughs. In fact, most women end up dressing up just to look good for themselves! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA











-It is a safer, more relaxed environment, no competition with the men … or for the men! -It is more relaxing to visit/shop/look at something/take ones time/etc and not wonder if ones partner is – or isn’t- enjoying himself.

-Mixed trips change the dynamics of the group. Always! P1020124

-Women talk the same language

-Women travelling together are for the most part easy going, not competitive, more open to trying new things, more comfortable in our own skin, and we are more willing to let a country and its people under our skin. Also, we can forget about our roles in life (wife, mother etc) and focus all our energy on just being us!

…and last but not least: -Because men are from Mars and women are from Venus! (simple really…)




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