7 good reasons to drink Gin

Like you need a reason. But ok, here goes. And this is also why we have gin o’clock on our Venus Adventures trips, it’s an important part of our day. Cheers!

1. Gin and tonic with a slice/squeeze of lemon. Now we all know the benefits of lemons, some say it can even cure cancer.


2. Gin is made up of all sorts of herbs and spices…just read the label of any GOOD gin – herbs and spices have all sorts of health benefits – so does that make it a health drink?

3.  Tonic water contains quinine, which helps ward off Malaria, and is why the British drank it in India.

4. Gin is one of the few drinks that still tastes good when it is warm as a baby’s bottom and we are gagging for a sundowner drink out in the  Sahara desert. I couldn’t say the same of a warm bourbon and coke – yuck!


5. Gin o’clock: It de-stimulates the girls after an exciting day out seeing the sights of the exotic places we go to, and helps stop all the divine pictures of shopping from swirling in their merry heads. “Come on ladies, it’s gin o’clock, come and get your medication!” 🙂 (That’s why I call myself a ginocologist!)


6. It loosens the tongue and gets them wagging with good tales at gin o’clock.

7….and last but not least, it is cheaper than botox, and relaxes more muscles!

By the way, there are some great gins out there these days. A bit pricey, but worth every sip, I have discovered Gin Mare, Hendricks, and my all-time favourite, Opihrs. Try them you might like them, but be warned, after drinking a classy gin, it is hard to go back to Gordon’s or even Bombay Sapphire – it’s like flying business class and then being downgraded. Not easy!


Me with a gin trolley I found in Barcelona! Cool, eh?!

Gin Trivia: did you know…
…. that the recipe for Gordon’s Gin is known to only twelve people in the world and has been kept a secret for 250 years?
…that Bombay Sapphires name originates from the gin’s popularity in India in of the days of the British Raj and the sapphire in question is the Star of Bombay on display at the Smithsonian Institution.


One comment

  1. I can’t argue with any of that! Great to discover that there is a world gin day – I won’t miss it this year 🙂

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