Code of Conduct

I am a Kiwi and a Sagittarius, which means honesty comes naturally to me (truth is… I am such a bad liar, I have no choice).

All opinions on this site are my own. Any products found on the site have either been tried and tested by me or my friends or clients and discussed and reviewed in full, usually over a gin. Everything is written by me unless stated otherwise.

Living the nomadic life I cannot afford to be lugging around too much stuff. Everything I own has to serve a practical purpose. And besides, I like the zen feeling of living without the burden of a ton of things to worry about.  And even though we all like a freebie now and again, I will only accept one if it benefits my life (and it fits in my luggage) and if I think it is of 3-way mutual benefit – to the giver (eg a product) and the taker (me) and my readers (y’all), and not just for the sake of having something for free. However if I do provide a service and promote your gear, your book or your business, and you don’t see it fit to repay me in some way, the least you could do is buy me a bottle of gin. (Nice gin! I can let you know my preferences).

The bottom line for my readers and editors, and anyone contacting me to promote themselves:

– If anyone pays me to talk about their products, this will be disclosed to my readers, and my honest opinion will be paramount.

– I will write about or accept travel products and freebies only when they are in line with my website. My content is to be of importance to my readers.

And don’t forget to buy me a bottle of gin. Or if you sell gin, maybe you want me to test and review it for you. Jus’ sayin’!

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